Web Application Security Without Compromise:
A Buyer’s Guide

39% of data breaches originated in a web app1 in 2020. Why?

Security teams are short on capacity, but that isn’t why insecure applications get released to production. The main reason is that they think they don’t have a choice.

With the right solution, you don’t have to compromise. You CAN build a complete application security program that covers every corner of every application – without hiring an army.

Our Buyer’s Guide will help you evaluate web application security tools to find the one that’s right for you.

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The right tool can heal your biggest pains

Security threats are inevitable, but tradeoffs don’t have to be. We’ve helped thousands of organizations embrace automation, scan intelligence, and developer enablement to solve their most challenging problems. Starting your evaluation of application security tools with our comprehensive buyer’s guide is the best way to ensure you solve your biggest AppSec issues without compromise.

We can’t keep up

The average large enterprise manages 946 custom apps and is developing 193 more.2 The only way to achieve security testing at this scale is to embrace automation and eliminate noise.

I’m exposed in production

You can’t ‘shift-left’ if you haven’t already covered the right. Source code testing alone ignores the 80% of apps already in production. You need to shift left AND right.

My developers don’t care

Only 27% of front-line developers view the security of applications as a critical part of their responsibilities.3 You cannot scale if application security doesn’t become everyone’s job. You need a solution that integrates directly into the tools developers use and fits into their current processes.

We don’t learn from mistakes

Only 36% of front-line developers learn from their mistakes to develop more secure applications.4 You need testing that provides rapid feedback and detailed guidance so that your developers naturally improve over time and produce better and better code.

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